MSCA Conference 2022

November 6 – 8, 2022
Mayo Clinic Health System Event Center
1 Civic Center Plaza
Mankato, MN 56001

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(see below for a listing of Session Titles)


MSCA 2022 Conference Session Titles
(This is just a preview of session titles in no particular order! We'll post a full schedule soon)

Data-informed: what all school counselors can do!
How Technology is Changing the World of Teaching and What Can We Do About It?
School Counselor Role Ambiguity: Impacts on Student Postsecondary Readiness
Both Ends of the Building: Trades Pathways All Students
Love and Logic 101: Taking the Stress out of Teaching
On the Spot Behavior: Leading with Love and Logic
Taking the Stress out of Parent Conferences...even the contentious ones!
Supporting Kids with Challenging Pasts (TIC)
Struggling Kids: When Parents are the Problem
Let's Play: Introducing Play Therapy into Your School Counseling Program
Utilizing Puppets to Help Elementary Students Talk About Their Feelings and Practice Social Skills.
New Testing Updates and College Planning Strategies
Promoting Careers in the Construction Trades: No Such Thing as a Dumb Question
School Counselors Supporting Homeless/Highly Mobile Students
Practicing Authentic Self-Care - For Students and Educators!
In their own voices: Parent experiences requesting educational supports for their children with mental health needs
Timely Topics with the Partnership Roundtable
Vaping Me Crazy, Weed Between the Lines!
Career Opportunities in Land Surveying
Proactively Responding To Hate And Bias Incidents In Schools
Don't Scroll Past....School Counselors as Technology Influencers
Developing our Future Talent Through Community Partnerships
Equity Issues in Section 504
Section 504 Evaluation: What it is, what it isn’t and how to increase objectivity in team determinations
Resources for Supporting Students with Disabilities
Student Focused ASCA Alignment
Individualizing Conversations with Students: How Data from the ACT Online Reporting System & PreACT Can Make a Difference
Throwing Darts in the Dark? Intentional Data Use to Close Gaps, Address Needs, & Increase Equity & Access
Best Practices in Supervision
Snitches get stiches, jk I'm a mandated reporter
Understanding and Practicing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in the School
Gender in Schools
Anxiety through the lens of equity - Intervention Strategies
Am I Making a Difference?: Using Data as a School Counselor
Wellness Centers 101: How to create a safe break space for students at the secondary level
Free Financial Literacy tools from Sallie Mae
How Shame Influences Our Sexuality & Mental Health
We Need More School Counselors in Minnesota! Research Based Advocacy Strategies
Mental Health Awareness in Your School & the Power of PATH Program
The Academy model for college/career readiness along with targeted interventions for at-risk populations.
Stress Reduction for Teens Through Mindfulness (SRTM)
The Brain Game
Construction Management - A High Demand Professional Management Career Option
Ethics Roundtable
Unlocking Careers of the Future: School Counselors Have the Key!
Supporting ELL students in classroom presentations
Voices of Native American Students in STEM: Implications for School Counselors
Support Students Mental Health Through Equity and Inclusion Lens
Kids Teaching Kids, self-regulation and better ways to cope with stress
Appearance and Performance Enhancing Substances: A Growing Health Issue

(and maybe more!)